This is Kankyo-woodII

Fantastic feature

Kankyo-woodII is an artificial extruded wood made from wood powder and plastic flake.

Fantastic feature of Kankyo-wood II

The Manufacturing Process

Waste wood materials are collected from demolished buildings, industrial sites, etc and are pulverized into the size of microns. This is the base material that is then mixed and kneaded with recycled plastics to be molded to shape using an extruder.

The Manufacturing Process

Main Characteristics

Corrosin Free  Termite Free
  • Creates intricate design and shape
  • Variable length at your preference by extrusion molding
  • No bacteria corrosion or Termite damage
  • High durability for deformation and decomposition
  • Little deformation by water or humidity
  • Recreates perfect touch of natural wood
  • No knots, wormholes, hangnailes that are the drawbacks of natural wood
  • Little deviation of the product strength and high strength uniformity in overall materials
  • Employs unique invisible finish of clamps and screws to maintain exterior appearance such as decks
  • No preservatives or insect repellent is required
  • No painting is required

Kankyo-wood is a registered trade mark by MAEDA KOSEN CO.,LTD.Kankyo-wood