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Company Profile


Company Profile




3,439 million yen (as of September 20, 2016)


November 25, 1972

Name of financial instruments exchange where listed

First section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Number of employees

957 persons (as of September 20, 2016) (Consolidated)


President and Representative DirectorYukitoshi Maeda
DirectorsTakahiro Maeda
Yasuo Saito
Tomoo Mimura
Outside directors Akira Matsumoto
(Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Calbee, Inc.)
Fujio Shinki


Outside auditor
(Statutory Auditor)
Tetsuji Aoki
Outside auditors Hitoshi Yamakawa
(Lawyer and certified public accountant)
Koji Tsuda
(Licensed tax accountant)

Executive officers

Chief Executive OfficerYukitoshi Maeda
Chief Operating Officer, Senior Managing Executive Officer Takahiro Maeda
(Group Business Planning Office Manager)
Managing executive officers Yasuo Saito
(Business Administration Division Manager)
Tomoo Mimura
(Development Sales Promotion Division Manager)
Takanori Ushiroda
(Infrastructure Business Sales Division Manager, Tokyo Sales Department Manager)
Etsuro Azuma
(Business Administration Division Assistant Manager, Operation Planning Department Manager, Group Business Planning Office Assistant Manager)
Executive officers Yoshihiro Yokota
(Development Sales Promotion Division Chief Engineer)
Shigenobu Akiyama
(Reinforced Soil Drain Promotion Department Manager in Development Sales Promotion Division, Sales Group Manager, Structure Maintenance Promotion Department Manager)
Yuji Saito
(Quality Assurance Department Manager)
Satoshi Itagaki
(Sendai Branch Manager in Infrastructure Business Sales Division)
Hitoshi Nakata
(Operation Department Manager in Business Administration Division)
Akihiro Senshu
(Human Resource Development Department Manager in Business Administration Division)
Masashi Minamimoto
(Water Environment Conservation Promotion Department Manager in Development Sales Promotion Division)
Koji Murata
(Development Technology Department Manager in Development Sales Promotion Division, Group Business Planning Office Assistant Manager (in charge of development))
MDK Group executive officers Tomiji Shirasaki
(MIRAI KOSEN Co., Ltd. President and Representative Director)
Shinichi Maehara
(MIRAI no Agri Co., Ltd. President and Representative Director)
Norimasa Nosaka
(BBS Japan Co., Ltd. President and Representative Director)

Business details

  1. Manufacturing and sales of construction materials, civil engineering materials, and industrial materials using various types of fibers as raw materials
  2. Manufacturing and sales of chemical fibers
  3. Manufacturing, processing and sales of non-woven fabrics
  4. Weaving, knitting, sewing, and processing of various types of fibers
  5. Molding and processing of synthetic resins
  6. Manufacturing and sales of adhesive agents for civil engineering and construction
  7. Civil engineering construction work and building construction work inspections, surveying, designing, supervising, together with consulting business
  8. Environment-related inspections, observations, analyses and effect evaluation, and development, manufacturing and sales of conservation planning systems
  9. Civil engineering and building construction work
  10. Electric construction work
  11. Building repair construction work
  12. Cleaning business
  13. Sales and repair business for textile machines and washing machines and their parts
  14. Manufacturing and sales, together with installation and removal work of oil fences for marine oil spill prevention equipment
  15. Manufacturing, sales, and rental business, together with installation and removal work of polluted water diffusion prevention membranes
  16. Manufacturing, sales, and rental business, together with installation and removal work of driftwood prevention net fences
  17. Manufacturing and sales of various types of tents and sheets for use in land and sea transportation
  18. Sales of sports supplies
  19. Manufacturing and sales of electric pasture units and related research, improvement and publicity
  20. Electrification and mechanization of farming villages
  21. Manufacturing and sales of medical devices for animals
  22. Manufacturing and sales of livestock and dairy farming machinery
  23. Manufacturing, importing and sales of automobile wheels and other transportation machine parts together with their related materials
  24. Manufacturing and sales of disaster prevention articles, ship outfitting supplies and vehicle accessories
  25. Construction of agricultural warehouses and vinyl greenhouses
  26. Purchasing and sales of various types of materials for agricultural use
  27. Construction of general steel framed structures and houses
  28. Real estate leasing and administration business
  29. Industrial waste product collection and transportation business
  30. All business incidental to each of the previous items

Corporate Philosophy

Basic philosophy

Good connection with a person and the person is the base and goal of nature.

Management philosophy

We contribute to a sustainable
Earth and the creation of a secure,
bountiful society through our
unique wisdom and technology.

Action guidelines

“Five MDK virtues”, “ Benevolence” and “ Inseparability of knowledge and practice.”

1. Both people and corporation should live straight. - Justice
2. Infinite possibility should be sought without being afraid of making a mistake. - Courage
3. The true nature of a field should be discerned in and at the field. It shall be changed, improved with and by full commitment of individual. - Sincerity
4. Create new products that are found nowhere by and through methods never been tried before. - Wisdom
5. Both people and corporation should continue learning. - Courtesy

Business places

Tokyo main office:

Unizo Hisamatsucho Kiyosubashidori Bldg. 4F/5F, 9-9, Nihonbashi Hisamatsucho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Fukui main office:

38-3 Okinunome, Harue-cho, Sakai, Fukui, Japan

Sales Department

Tokyo, Fukui


Sapporo, Sendai, Niigata, Nagoya, Osaka, Hiroshima, Shikoku, Fukuoka

Sales Office

Morioka, Kanazawa, Okinawa


Okayama, Kagoshima


Fukui, Nanporo, Sakai, Maruoka, Sabae, Notogawa, Nishinomiya


  • MIRAI no Agri CO., LTD.
  • BBS Japan CO., LTD.
  • BBS Motorsport GmbH

Main customers

Agents in different regions of Japan, and various civil engineering and construction companies

ISO9001 certification registration

Registered No.: JCQA-0754  
Registered organization:Fukui main factory, Maruoka factory, Sabae factory, Tokyo main office, Notogawa factory, Nanporo factory

ISO14001 certification registration

Registered No.: JCQA-E-0712
Registered organization:Fukui main factory, Maruoka factory, Sabae factory, Notogawa factory, Nishinomiya factory, Nanporo factory