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The MAEDAKOSEN Group comprises seven Japanese companies and two overseas subsidiaries.
The chemical reactions between the diversities of these companies open the door to new innovations.

The MAEDAKOSEN Group embraces a wide variety of businesses, from national land infrastructure creation and industrial infrastructure creation, to agricultural equipment and aluminum wheels. This combination of diversities goes beyond the simple synergies resulting from linking individual businesses and companies, creates innovation based on the new combinations and opens up new markets.

"Social infrastructure business", "Industry infrastructure business", "Human infrastructure business"

Social infrastructure business
Since its founding in 1972, MAEDAKOSEN has been handling environmental materials (geosynthetics) comprising fibers and plastic. Geosynthetics is the general name for “high polymer material products used in civil engineering construction work” as a term combining the word “geo” with the word “synthetics”. As the company pioneering geosynthetics technology in Japan, MAEDAKOSEN has made free use of various fiber-centered technologies horizontally within the Group to provide high added value product groups. The main products include embankment reinforcing materials, civil engineering sheets, river revetment materials, slope disaster prevention products, adhesive anchors, water pollution prevention membranes, plastic imitation tree trunks, drainage materials, polymer cement mortar, vegetation products, thinned tree products, and nonwoven fabric products. Additionally, taking the keywords of “disaster prevention, security, and safety”, the company is also providing civil engineering materials mainly consisting of fibers and resins, and construction methods which utilize concrete structure repairing and reinforcing materials. Some of the materials making up these products utilize materials that are manufactured in the industrial infrastructure business.
Further, the company is also manufacturing and selling nonwoven fabrics that can be given various processing and added functions to support particular purposes and applications. As a raw fabric manufacturer, the company is supplying products to secondary processing manufacturers and final product manufacturers, and these fabrics are being used in applications including automobile materials, civil engineering and construction materials as well as in oil absorbing materials and weed-proof sheets.
In the agricultural field, consolidated subsidiary Mirai no Agri Co., Ltd. is manufacturing and sales of wild animal and bird damage countermeasure products, electrified fences, grazing facilities, etc.; and the design, construction and sales of horticultural use greenhouses, agricultural materials and cultivation systems.
Additionally, Mirai Techno Co., Ltd. is manufacturing and selling tent and canvas raw fabric products, ocean civil engineering products, etc.
In the Group’s overseas locations, MAEDAKOSEN VIETNAM CO., LTD. is manufacturing synthetic wood products, etc.

Industrial infrastructure business
The MAEDAKOSEN Group is providing services and products that utilize ultra-pure water cleaning technologies, cutting technologies, and yarn twist processing technologies which make best use of the knowledge and know-how built up in the fiber industry. The main products are wiping cloth for flat display panels and precision machines used in clean rooms, while the Group also offers name tag ribbons, narrow width woven and knitted fabric secondary products using various types of industrial fibers, and circular knitted products for clothing and various industrial materials.
For the wiping cloth for flat display panels and precision machines, special cutting technologies and cleaning technologies using dedicated clean washing machines, ultra-pure water and ultrasound are provided. The Group’s unique cutting technologies and processing technologies are also being provided for the narrow width woven and knitted fabric secondary products.
The Group’s consolidated subsidiary Mirai Kosen Co., Ltd. is manufacturing, sales, and consigned production of high performance wiping cloth, etc., and manufacturing twisted yarn.

Human infrastructure business
The Group’s consolidated subsidiary BBS Japan Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing high-class forged wheels as a wheel maker, and is supplying OEM products to automobile manufacturers and selling products to the automobile aftermarket. In addition to the designing, manufacturing and selling of products by BBS Japan Co., Ltd., the company’s consolidated German subsidiary BBS Motorsport GmbH is implementing processing, manufacturing and sales.

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