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Producing “innovation” from new combinations to create new markets never seen before.

Maeda Kosen Co., Ltd., the core company in our Group, started out in 1918 as a factory weaving artificial silk. It has achieved dramatic growth since then built on the foundations of a new technology known as “geosynthetics” which fuses the differing technological domains of “fibers” and “civil engineering”. Further, while also introducing businesses and companies related to “resins”, “metals”, and “wood” in addition to fibers, the Group is continuing to evolve into a corporate group undertaking a variety of manufacturing. 

While deeply developing these individual domains of fibers and resins in an attempt to make further improvements and refinements on the one hand, the Maeda Kosen Group has not restricted itself to this so-called “longitudinal axis development” but has also created new combinations through “transverse axis development” by linking different domains, such as the previously mentioned fusion between fibers and civil engineering. This is nothing less than the very definition of innovation itself.
Further, in the field of infrastructure which is indispensable for society, the Maeda Kosen Group is pursuing innovation while tackling the merger of new combinations as befits a manufacturing group. The production of this innovation and creation of new markets one after another in the world surely embodies the essence of manufacturing. 

Through implementing advanced manufacturing that fuses the software consisting of our expert knowledge and technological know-how with the “things” we produce as hardware, the Maeda Kosen Group will continue to produce innovation going forward by producing innovation from new combinations to create new markets one after another in the world.

Maeda Kosen is a company that creates mixtures

The company mixes people and technology

This mixing causes a chemical reaction

Innovation is the fruit of this chemical reaction

The Group aims to become the world’s top innovator by seeking to create the ideal forms for society and the ideal forms for humanity

代表取締役社長 前田 征利

President and
Representative Director
Yukitoshi Maeda


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